Lara Hewitt - Writer/Director/Producer

Nationality: England

Dream garden: Any, so long as it comes with a gardener.

Zack Segel - Valentine and Creative Producer

Nationality: U.S.A.

Dream garden: Vineyard.

Celine Yildirim - Maria

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: Wild plants, exotic flowers, a water fountain, peacocks, flamingos and cats.

Birgit Rachut: Diana and Production Designer

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: A biotope, "an area where life lives.”

Luis Lüps - Stefan

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: The garden of my childhood. A mythical wonderland. I called it, 'The green hell.'

Juan Lo Sasso - Zorro

Nationality: Argentina

Dream garden: Next to a beach in Uruguay.

Helena Herb - Assistant Director

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: full of dark green leaves and white flowers, with a huge fountain in the middle that you can swim in.

Stephan Bookas - Director of Photography

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: a dense, subtropical forest with a rope bridge over a snake infested pond.

Federico Neri - Editor

Nationality: Italy

Dream garden: My own jungle.

Spencer Dobbins - Gaffer

Nationality: U.S.A.

Dream garden: A waterfall & pond, sections of soft green grass which I can mow into perfectly straight lines, and comfortable lawn furniture.

Kai Unger - Sound recordist and designer

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: A garden with citrus fruits in the middle of Berlin.

Macarena Solervicens - Music Composer

Nationality: Chile

Dream garden: My childhood garden.

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Trevor Silverstein - Script Supervisor

Nationality: U.S.A.

Dream garden: A messy one that just takes care of itself.

Camilo Correa - Boom

Nationality: Chile

Dream garden: A green and prolific corner of the planet, where nature does the job and I can chill out.

Christian Elsner - Eric

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: An area of tall bushes home to lots of creatures and a stream with a bridge over it. There would be mosquitos but that's ok.

Christian Harting - Gregor

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: An apple orchard. 

Jules Gladys - Producer

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: Flowers and bees nettles and butterflies, salad and snails.

Claudia Vogel - Art Director

Nationality: Argentina

Dream garden: My own! I'm building it now.

Camila Maldonado - Costume

Nationality: Colombia

Dream garden: A colorful house in the mountains of Colombia where I can grow vegetables and roses in cold weather.

Kunle Kuforiji - Adam

Nationality: Nigeria

Dream garden: 

Leah Rudolph - Regina

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: A Mediterranean landscape with knobbly olive trees.

Manuel Sá

Nationality: Portugal

Dream garden: A cherry tree in center (to announce spring), a persimmon tree, a lemon tree, a big chestnut tree in the back, lawn made of lemon thyme and its own river.

Karl-Heinz Schulze - President Winter

Nationality: Germany

Dream garden: 

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